Sunday, December 4, 2011

I have been force to attend this workshop.

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Hye Readers,

How's your weekend? Seronok? Saya gunakan cuti hujung minggu saya sepenuhnya dengan berehat di rumah. Doing some cleaning and cooking. Tengok korean series and attending some classes. Since weekend pun dah hampir melabuhkan tirai, terasa nak semak balik jadual kerja and OMG OMG...

I have been force to attend this workshop. Aduhai... tengok title workshop tu je dah cukup membosankan. Why do i have to attend this thing? WHY? WHY?? and WHY??? (Sila jerit perkatan why tu dengan sekuat hati!)

Hurm~~ What i can say is... Allah know what is best for me. Just assume that this is the thing that i need to learn in order to be mature. (actually apa kaitan being mature dengan attending marketing workshop?).

Selamat bekerja semua. No Monday blues for tomorrow please... =_="


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