Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gud news for you guys...

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Greeting from Nokia !!!

Considering the enormous popularity of your blog, it is our pleasure to invite you to the world of mobile distribution. With Ovi App Wizard ( your great content will not only be available on PC but on mobile devices worldwide through Nokia Ovi Store (

No programming skills are required and it’s open to all individuals and businesses, with no registration fees. After you’ve created your app and registered as an Ovi store publisher, it will become available to millions of Ovi Store customers within 24 hours of your submission.

Ovi not only provides a worldwide distribution opportunity, however with its promotion tools you can distribute the widget through your great blog to your global audience for a perfect read; anytime, anywhere.

Check out the Ovi Appwizard at
If you are interested in Nokia Appwizard please share your contact details so that our team can contact you to provide any necessary support. Feel free to connect with us for any information or support required at - Please sent to me your contact details. I will contact you back ya.


LoVe is CiNta said...

just antar emel je ke?

PutraRocker said...


ierayahaya said...

@LoVe is CiNta hi, hantar email dekat i ye. include your contact details. Nanti i will contact you back ye.

ierayahaya said...

@PutraRocker perghhh~ ;p

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