Monday, April 18, 2011

You gotta be strong

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Gotta look up.
You gotta be strong.
You gotta take things as they come.
'Cause everything new
That happens to you
Is better when you...look up!

Have U ever... tetiba je ada down feeling. tetiba je rasa mood down giler. Sedih tak pasal-pasal. Sometimes i admit i have this kind of feelings. Haha~ dasar iera emo! bley blah ngan emo emo nih.. lol! Everytime i have this kind of mood, i will google kata penguat semangat. Read a few article and think!. bila dah habis emo emo nih baru realize ok kerja tak siap lagi.. haha~ Damn la pulak...


sinzzfaiza ismail said...

i'm too tired with this feelings too :'(

ierayahaya said...

yeeah paie.. me too.. but we've got to deal with dis! :)

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