Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my phone bill 10 cents only!

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Hello readers,

Well i think that this is funny. My bill for last month is just 10 cents. I was like, biar betik Maxis ni. Well last time ada staff maxis buat promo through phone dekat i dua kali and they offer me cheapest plan rate. Tapi takkanla phone bill i 10 cents je? Macam tak logic untuk akal fikiran i ni. Haha... baru je last week tengok unbilled amount ada dalam RM19. But hari ni dah jadi 10 cents. I was wondering... agaknya kalau next week i ushar balik i punya unbilled amount agak-agak jadi berapa pula ya? should i say thanks to Maxis? lol~


atie said...

haha..ko byr je la 10 rggt..haha

ierayahaya said...

atie: haha.. tuh arr psl... lol~

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