Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New header for best buddy!

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Header untuk my best buddy. Babe, i don't know whether you like it or not. And i also don't know what color of background that you like. The truth is i don't even know what is your favorite color. Haha~ My bad kan.. huhu.. but what i know is i always sayang sama kamu!

Aihh, you request me to create a header for you. I know that you like shopping giler-giler. And i also wondering should i put fish pictures on it. Haha~ whether you like it or not, just let me know. Nanti ada masa i buat lagi ok.


abdul rasyid..... said...

de cabarn tok akak kat blog saye....ahaha

ahahah header ade tompok lembu new zealand....nice saye teringin nak gi new zealand!

Fifie said...

boob! first thinh i notice! hahhaha..add on benda lain kat dada.. but I like it !hahahha

ierayahaya said...

@abdul rasyid.....: wahh.. cabaran ek.. haha.. cabaran tu senang je. akak bersiap mmg cukup cukup 10 minit.. haha.. pe agi, cepat banje akak kfc.. hehe~

ierayahaya said...

@Fifie: hehe.. bgs arr kalau suka..

atie said...

haha..nice la..but komen fifie cam lawak je..haha..

ierayahaya said...

Atie: hehe.. tau x pe. komen fife mmg lawak..

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