Tuesday, January 11, 2011


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My meeting dengan client cancel hari ni. Since last night i felt so guilty. So, when i arrive at the office, i have a little bit discussion with both of my boss. And both of them keep saying that this is not a major issue. So don't feel so guilty since this kind of things always happen. Then my Germany boss pun dah siap wrote dekat i letter untuk di resend balik dekat my client. Siap tolong i buat macam-macam. And he even talk nicely to me so that i won't feel upset anymore.

Okay, actually there is a big techno event going to happen at the end of this month and the client sent to me a list of people that i should invite without clearly clarify yang sebenarnya half of the people dalam list tu tak sepatutnya dapat invitation tu. Since i dah hantar all those invitation dekat semua orang, then i was like.... erm, Okay, i SCREW UP! Maybe salah i sebab i tak confirm betul-betul dengan my client tu sendiri. But since my work is under my boss supervision and everything that i do pun get approval from the boss, then of course my boss will stand in front of me untuk backup i balik. But yet i felt so guilty and unhappy about this issue since i rasa macam dah susahkan semua orang.

Hurm... a big thanks to both of my boss. But of course i do learn something. Whatever you do, please have a good communication with your client in order to avoid any miscommunication. Aihh, next time kena berhati-hati. Jangan terlebih rajin. Bila orang tak suruh buat pun still gatal nak buat. You know what, in business customers always right. So, agak-agak kalau ada yang tak kena tu, telan aje lah!


atie said...

dear..apa dah jadi ni..haishh

ierayahaya said...

Atie: hurm nothinglah. currently in the middle of solving the problems.

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