Saturday, November 6, 2010

Keep in mind

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Keep in mind...

You are not an ordinary person,
You are a MUSLIM,
As a Muslim you should have the perseverance,
To achive success in this world and hereafter,
For ALLAH, yourself and others who are in need.

Be a faithful servant to your creator (ALLAH),
He created us for reasons,
Be a devoted follower to Rasullullah,
He led us out of the jahiliah,
Be a dedicated child to your parents,
They are the reason we are here,
Be a steadfast guider to your incoming generation,
You are their hope and future.

- By Fathin Hidayar-
(Lecturer from Leadership class)

I found this notes time mengemas buku. So i share with all of you. Mari beringat dan mari beramal.


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