Thursday, October 14, 2010


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Normally, when something happen to you or you suddenly make a decision about certain thing, people will question you. And their favorite words is why? Or maybe, after certain period of time, you feel like you want to change something, and like me, i start to change my blog. I've deleted older post and i start again. And by the time I've decided to do this, i also ask my self why do i need to do this. Well, to me, human cannot change the past but we can change our future. My past experience do teach me lot's of things and what's more important is to learn from it. Deleting older post does not mean i can delete everything in my brain. The memories is still there. But i somehow like to think about the future rather than to think about the past. Maybe because i used to make a bigger mistake in my life. I've heard someone said, "Apabila kita sedar kita dah melakukan kesalahan, maka baliklah ke pangkal jalan." and i also heard someone said this, "Apabila kita mengingati kesalahan yang pernah kita lakukan, itu tandanya kita masih punya iman." i can say that, i can never erase the past because Allah want's me to learn from my mistake. I belief that once we knew that we made a mistake, what we should do is not to repeat it but to learn from it.


angafey said...

yosh~ go mun go! Allah always with you. and I`ll oso support you until my last breath! ^_^

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