Friday, October 15, 2010


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Last three days, I've been forced to attend a conference. The conference is more on motivation. We knew that sometimes we made a mistake. The key to this conference is to make people realize on how to make a good decision and not to repeat the mistake. Instead of repeating, we learn from it. This conference also teach us on how to be motivated. Sometimes we knew what we want in our life, but the thing is, we don't have a courage to pursue our dream. Although we want to, but still there is so much obstruction that we need to face before we can reach to the point that we want to. Why my boss sent me to this conference? it's because, last two weeks, i have a conversation with my boss. She ask me how's the work so far? and i confess to her that i don't really like to do certain job that she ask me to do. For example, i need to do invoice for the customer. Doing an invoices is OK to me but when it comes to accounting, it's really gives me a big headache since I'm suck in that subject. So, because of my confession, she sent me to this conference hoping that i will like my job. During the training, my boss call me almost everyday just to ask whether am i enjoy the training or not. She really hope that i can learn something from the conference. Well at least right now i try to enjoy my job. if i don't know, i should ask. After attend the training, i realize that i was lake of confidence. The trainer also advice me to read a lot. Because he said that "Membaca itu jambatan ilmu. Ilmu yang membezakan kita dengan yang lain". One of the aunts at the conference suggest to me that instead of reading reader digest, i should read monocle magazine.


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