Friday, October 22, 2010


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Dear friend,

Sorry dear friend, malam tadi saya tidur awal since i'm kind of having a tough day yesterday. Semalam first time I do SMS blast for my customer and she is super happy since i help her do that. But somehow at the end of the day, saya baru perasan that only 102 customer list je yang success while the other 2000 customer fail. So, me and my team need to figure out about what happen. Hurm, when i do the sms blast, my office mate is there sitting besides me and he teach me how to do it. So actually it's not my fault but somehow i was kind of upset yesterday. Actually it was a system fault since the person who create the system did not really fixed the system very well. So because of me feeling upset about yesterday, saya tidur awal malam tadi because i do not want to think about it anymore. Saya perasan message kamu pagi tadi bila saya bangun nak solat subuh. I really really wish that i could be there for you. Tapi saya dah tak ada cuti. Saya berharap sangat saya ada bersama kamu di saat-saat macam nie. The only thing that i can do right now is to pray for your family. Takziah. I'm so sorry sebab time kamu sedih saya dah tidur and i'm so sorry that saya tak perasan message kamu.

p/s: I know that you're going to read this. Just want you to know how sorry i am.


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