Friday, January 13, 2012

it's hard to say good bye.

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It is hard to say good bye.. Jauh di sudut hati ada perasaan sedih itu. But i try to act like nothing happen. I came to the office and meet people that i always see everyday dengan lagak bersahaja. Bergurau senda dan buat kerja seperti sedia kala. Sampai saat dimana saya sedar owh my... i have not yet done with my farewell speech. Lantas jemari menaip sesuatu di Google. Looking for an idea how to give a speech yang tak nampak sedih sangat but the most memorable one.

Saat dimana farewell party bermula. I decide to have Dominos at the office instead of pergi lunch dekat any other restaurant. I thanks everyone at the office for letting me to be a part of the company. All knowledge and experience i have with them is very valuable and expensive. They even give me good bye present and a card.

Present from my lady Boss

Dan semestinya di setiap perpisahan itu pasti akan ada pertemuan seterusnya. Till we meet again.


angafey said...

Itsokay...setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan. Perpisahan bakal mengabadikan setiap pertemuan. Chewah! hiks.. Selaman Bertransformasi mun!

ierayahaya said...

Angafey: thanks dear.. :)

Rhymee said...

Nice blog... Btw good luck in your future undertakings. May the force be with you. :-) Come and join me :

ierayahaya said...

@rhymee: thanks!! :)

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